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We always try to use the best data sources. Our go-to is GWI.

Using data science to accurately quantify the return of partnership investments, this clever consultancy used GWI to analyze a partnership in a matter of hours. Their data-led recommendations revealed how to engage fans across countries, which partnerships the client needed to drop, and where to drive more investment to achieve growth.

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GWI is our go-to and only source for global audience intelligence.

BBDO (Omnicom)

This data has transformed the way we talk about our sponsorship offering for some of our clubs.

City Football Group

GWI is our ‘go-to source’ for insights generation. I love its consistency across markets and the vast amount of data it has. The fact that it’s quarterly also allows us to analyze trends over time – which is critical in these fast-changing times.

Omnicom Media Group

GWI has helped us develop partnerships with the likes of LinkedIn and Spotify – having insights like these at the ready has been a game-changer for our teams.


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