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Source: First & First Consulting

Consultancy, First & First, explain how the right formula helped them lay the groundwork to launch a new brand and simultaneously win a pitch. 

A good pitch tells the client a story. A great pitch tells the client a story they haven’t heard before. A winning pitch tells the client a story they haven’t heard before, and substantiates it with data.

First & First is a consultancy that puts data at its core. The team does this to help brands and agencies bridge the gap between analytics and strategy, ultimately driving new business. 

Independent agencies make up a huge portion of their client base, making this a key area of expertise for the team.

When faced with the task of launching a new product, here’s how they went about it.

The challenge 

Filling in the gaps.

Every agency brief is different, as is every brand. Often there’s a lack of information, other times there’s too much. In this instance, the consultancy was brought in to put the customer at the heart of the strategy.

“Our agency partners were pitching a CPG company to help them launch a new personal care brand,'' says Devon Zdatny, CEO of First & First Consulting. “We were tasked with providing a recommendation on who their target audience should be, offering insights into who they are and what they care about.”

With little information about the brand beyond the three core pillars it centered itself around, to do this pitch justice, they needed more: 

“We leveraged GWI to uncover which consumers would care about these pillars. 

This helped us pinpoint and define our target audience.”

The action

Matching the right brand with the right audience.

The first thing they needed to do was gather insights into the consumers they should be targeting. GWI offers the most in-depth data on digital consumers across 46 countries, enabling the team to go as global or local as they needed to. 

Using the wealth of survey data at their fingertips, they could identify, analyze and profile each target group using over 40,000 data points. 

This meant not only delving into their demographics and behaviors, but their attitudes, perceptions and world views.

The result

Telling a winning story.

The agency won the pitch and as part of the kickoff and hired First & First to conduct a segmentation study, heavily relying on GWI data. 

“GWI has been core to our continuous efforts to streamline the path to insights,'' says Devon.

“The ability to pull such compelling data in ever-tightening timelines has been vital in helping many of our agency clients win pitches.”

Replacing many of their primary surveys, the team says integrating the platform in their process has resulted in substantial cost savings across the business. 

“The platform has economies of scale that custom research does not, making this a tremendous return on investment.”

“People say good/fast/affordable isn’t possible, but GWI proves that wrong.”


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