Source: KIWI

Creative powerhouse agency, KIWI, knows the value of not only providing great data, but doing it quickly.

They didn’t let a global pandemic stop them from getting the insight they needed, when they needed it. 

When it became clear they needed better data to support the creative team in meeting briefs, they knew exactly where to turn.

The challenge

Turning around projects quickly.

For KIWI, every project begins with strategy.

The strategy would be built by:

    1. Extracting relevant data
    2. Mapping the right consumers across touchpoints and behaviors
    3. Identifying the opportunities
    4. Finding that great idea

And while the team had access to data sources, their turnaround time was normally 4-5 days - far too long to be as efficient as they had the potential to be.

Despite the uncertainty that was the theme of springtime this year, the agency saw the benefits of a data source that offers up research on not only who an audience is, but what makes them tick.

In a bid to meet a tricky brief, the team took to the GWI platform to find the insight and inspiration they needed.

The action

Incorporating a new tool that ticks all the boxes.

Here’s the scenario.

A global household-name brand was looking to roll out a large campaign celebrating its health-focused drink offering. The main objectives were:

  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Audience engagement

To do this, KIWI created a 360-degree view of the brand’s target consumer, focusing on demographics mixed with attitudes, lifestyles, media consumption, and many more attributes.

“We used GWI to build a real idea of our consumer, and then to understand the emotional behind the behavior, self-interests, and purchasing actions,” says Arya Alfieri, Creative Strategist at KIWI.

This portrait gave them all they needed to pinpoint the idea that would hit the mark.

Their proposed campaign spanned across Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, setting a challenge for the target audience to engage with - based solely on what the team already knew would speak to them.

The result

Meeting every brief where and when it counts.

Briefs are now a different ball game for the team.

“GWI has totally changed our strategy - we’re now totally oriented towards our target audiences,” says Arya. “The data gives us the tools we need to map our consumers’ lives.”

With focused, fast data, they know they’re not only targeting the right audience, but they’re doing it in the right way.

And it pays off. Their first project based on GWI research created something unique and memorable for the client - and got the team from a 5-day turnaround to delivering research in an impressive 2 days.

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