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GWI helps us prove that we have a more diverse, wide-ranging audience than you may think.


A leader in viral content, this online publisher used GWI insights to break down barriers and prove its appeal to older, more diverse audiences. Changing brand perception with reliable data, the company built client trust to unlock new cross-market opportunities.

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The platform is so easy to use and the UI is great – a refreshing difference to some others in the market which are a nightmare to navigate!


For anyone who works in international media and publishing, it’s a huge advantage to have this visibility, this scale and this consistency across so many markets.


Using GWI, we were able to disprove the idea that Korean drama is niche and that dubbing would be required in the US and UK, which is a pretty cool story.

Sony Pictures

GWI makes it really easy for our teams to understand the data, access it and create bespoke reports for client conversations.

Snap Inc.

GWI has so many different markets we can tap into that your competitors don't have.

Match Media Group

The detailed data around media consumption habits and viewing trends opened up opportunities for new budgets where we weren’t in the initial consideration set.


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