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Source: Tequila Avion

Tequila Avión needed help standing out. Here's how their agency, Fullsix, devised a data-driven campaign that achieved brand lift across their benchmarks. 

Tequila Avión is a brand that doesn’t shy away from placing smart bets. In fact, its brand history is a series of them – from its founding story over a game of poker with Warren Buffet to its rise to organic fame on HBO’s Entourage.

So when a fresh batch of research prescribed full investment in “traditional” media to scale growth, the brand team turned to Fullsix, a non-traditional media agency, to help it make a data-driven smart bet.

The challenge

Standing out from the crowd with an original blend.

The mission for Fullsix was clearly laid out:

Drive awareness and consideration amongst multiple strategic targets through traditional media in a highly competitive environment.

With low brand awareness across the U.S., the key challenge the team faced was coming up against their deep-pocketed competitors.

With the saturation of the tequila market, especially during holidays like Cinco De Mayo, they needed to outsmart their competition for maximum impact.

The action

GWI from end to end.

Fullsix is no ordinary agency. Instead of simply jumping into ‘TV buying’ mode, the agency stayed true to their craft and built a data-driven audience model using the tools at their disposal.

Step 1: Analyzed a mix of data (online and offline) to understand the people consuming, buying and engaging with the brand.

Step 2: Leveraged the world’s largest survey on the digital consumer through GWI to profile the strategic audience segments.

Step 3: Conducted an in-depth target analysis to understand the audiences’ socio-demographic makeup, lifestyles, interests, behaviors and touchpoint affinities.

Step 4: Clustered the audience per key interests and behaviors.   

While the brand had an idea of the people they wanted to reach, and the channels through which to do so, audience modeling provided a much deeper understanding of the target.

This level of analysis persuaded the teams not to limit themselves to traditional media in an effort to round out the consumer journey.

Addressing all media with one model.

Using the same audience segments that were activated online, the team piloted the TV buy, which accounted for the bulk of the campaign investment.

This level of clustering allowed the brand to reach its audience more efficiently than would have been possible using traditional methods.

"Whereas most agencies would only focus on data-driven, actionable segments for online media, we leveraged the same audience model across all media to drive greater performance", says Seinn Schlidt, Director of Strategy at Fullsix.

"The real story here is that one audience model was used across all media to drive better results."




Investment and allocation.




3 months

Distribution online: 


Distribution offline: 


The result

Achieving brand lift across all benchmarks.

Despite the challenges put before the team in terms of budget, audience complexity and competition, the campaign was a success, both from an efficiency and effectiveness standpoint, thanks to their intricate targeting.

Not only did their online clustering and optimization drive 8% more efficient reach than industry benchmarks, the results proved even more positive in the offline space:

Their data-driven TV buy was 30% more efficient than traditional campaigns.

But that’s not all. Beyond measuring efficiency, the team used GWIQ analytics to analyze the overall effectiveness of their campaign on the exact same audience they used for their original modeling.

This meant they could get an accurate reading of what actually worked, and equally, what didn’t.

Revealing a brand lift across all key brand objectives, the team reached their desired goals against the odds, increasing both brand awareness and consideration among their target audience.

"In the case of Avión, the people we planned against were the people we measured against", says Seinn.

"This helped us close the loop and put us in a very strong position to iterate with the brand towards ever better results in the future.”

"That ability to go end to end is one of the reasons we love partnering with GWI."

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