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TMW Unlimited is a customer engagement agency based in London whose work is steeped in strategy, data and creative solutions, 'helping clients form lasting emotional connections with their customers.'

Covering the full spectrum of marketing, from insight generation to award-winning campaigns, TMW works with some of the world's largest brands including HSBC, Sony and Unilever.

The challenge 

Understanding consumer behaviors across platforms and channels.

For every marketing agency, powerful data and revealing insights are essential when developing a robust strategy, creating campaigns and pitching to both new and existing clients.

Every brand knows the importance of social media when it comes to expanding your reach and audience, but knowing exactly which channels to focus on and invest in is not always easy.

So staying ahead of the latest social networking trends that are shaping the way consumers behave and interact is key. 

The action

Using audience data to inform recommendations and decisions. 

Looking for a solution that would offer them in-depth audience profiling data to surpass the expectations of their industry-leading brands and match their international client base, the team turned to GWI.

Using the quarterly reports provided, the TMW team are given the answers they need to guide their clients in the right direction.

“We use GWI’s social media data to recommend the most relevant social platforms to clients”, says Esme Noble, Strategic Planner at TMW Unlimited London.

“Many of our audiences show a decline, or plateau, in usage of certain platforms, so we can strategically advise on whether or not that publisher warrants focus.”

Esme explains how the GWI platform is fundamental to the agency’s strategy lead-up:

“We use GWI for pitching to new and existing clients and for channel planning. For example, if we were briefed to discover insights on particular audiences, then we would look at the audience data to see how users engage with brands and products on various channels and come up with a strategy from there.”

While helping the TMW team to develop their strategy and plan effectively, the platform also provides the actionable insights they need to back up their ideas, ensuring everything they do is steeped in real data, and real facts. Esme says:

“If we’ve uncovered points from somewhere else, or made assumptions, actually having the data to back it up is really useful as well.” 

“In this way, the data can be a powerfully persuasive force with our key clients. I definitely use the platform more than I use reports as it offers you that unique-ness.”

The result

Winning more pitches with deep and reliable insights.

For TMW, the depth and breadth of the data set is instrumental in driving greater insights into consumer behaviors across channels, which helps the team to formulate and fine-tune their campaign plans.

“There's a huge amount of data available, which is easy to accumulate and to draw valuable insights from,” says Esme.

Outlining some of the ‘go-to’ areas of their campaign planning process, Esme highlights three key areas of insight that continue to provide the most value: 

Social media: “Looking at account ownership, actions and influences in terms of brand and purchasing decisions.”

Device: “Examining device usage among various audiences and deciding where to focus our efforts.”

Media consumption: “Measuring time spent by particular audiences on various channels.” 

“There's so much data on the platform that even now, when I’ve been using it for nearly three years, I still come across new things.”

For large agencies like TMW with an international client-base it is important to have consistent data, spanning across different countries.

“The global coverage and the fact that all Asian markets are covered is really useful when working on accounts looking to target that region”, says Esme. 

“Recently we were pitching for an account based in the UK and Ireland and just having specific data in Ireland was extremely useful. We won the pitch.” 

Over the last three years, the platform has become an essential tool in client briefing, channel planning and new-business pitching across the business, yet its uses and applications still continue to grow. 

"It’s not a subscription I have to fight for."

“It’s not a subscription that I have to fight for. It’s easy to discover new insights and we have lots of examples and use cases where the data has added clear value.”


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