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The fresh-thinking agency, YW Istanbul, cleverly used GWI’s data to gain its client followers, boost audience interaction, and increase unique views on social media.

Increasing followers and engagement for food brand Bizim Muftak on Instagram and Facebook was a top priority for the creative & media agency. Faced with daily decreases in followers and a lack of audience interaction, YW Istanbul was able to use GWI’s audience profile data to create an incredibly successful social media campaign.

The challenge

YW Istanbul’s biggest challenge was finding the right people on Instagram and Facebook. Because physical, paper surveys were more common, the Turkey-based brand was having issues gathering online data to connect Bizim Mutfak with its target audience.  

With a decrease in new followers and current audience interactions, it was important to Digital Media Manager Selin Ergin Acar to develop a media plan that helped the brand capture and create an online community. 

Acar explains, “We thought that the brand should create its own community by reaching target audiences online with the most accurate channel, content, and advertising strategies, and while doing this, it should look like an influencer rather than a brand with an Instagram account.”

Bizim Mutfak’s annual social media KPIs aimed to increase its number of followers to 32,000, boost the number of users accessed by its Instagram account to 500K, and grow its number of monthly post interactions to 5-10K.

If the team wanted to keep up with the rapidly-evolving behaviors of consumers, they needed timely insights to connect the brand with its target audience.

That’s where GWI came in. Acar explained, “Consumer behaviors change so fast. GWI helps us stay up to date.”

The action

The agency was able to take the information from Bizim Mutfak’s paper surveys to create an audience on GWI’s platform and generate insights on this audience’s brand advocacy, purchase journey, and online discovery channels. 

The interests of each target audience were excluded from the other target audiences to create unique audience profiles with an overlap rate of less than 30%. 

This helped YW Istanbul recognize Bizim Muftak’s potential consumers and identify its target audience under 5 main persona groups.

Once they had their audience research process nailed down, the creative team recruited an expert chef to produce traditional recipes that could be made with Bizim Mutfak products. 

From there, YW Istanbul created a media plan tailored to each persona group.

Posts were prepared in the preferred format of each target audience, matched with their interests, and published on Instagram and Facebook during specific days and times that had the highest interaction potential. 

The result

No strangers to leveraging all kinds of data to drive success, the agency made GWI their focal point for everything audience-related, which led to an immediate surge in followers and engagement.

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With the correct use of data, Bizim Mutfak was able to increase the number of unique Instagram profile views from 955 to an incredible 19K, and increased the number of monthly post interactions from 324 to 25K (7,616%).

The number of users the Bizim Mutfak Instagram account reached rose from 152K to 1M. There was also a net increase of 1,500 followers, putting the brand at an awesome 32,172 followers. 

“Use of data played a very important role in the success of the campaign,” says Acar.

“Defining our audiences, determining the content types that users consume on Instagram via GWI, and observing the changes in the number of followers and interactions day by day using our social media tracking tool were the most fundamental elements of this campaign’s success.

“We’ve trained our team and now they can use GWI to get instant insights, and they’re using it every day.”

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