Source: Zenith

Zenith is a global agency that blends data, technology and specialists to scout out new opportunities, solve complex challenges and grow businesses. 

Labelling itself ‘The ROI Agency’, Zenith forms part of the wider Publicis Media team, who lead communications and buying for a vast array of brands. 

The challenge 

Identifying new opportunities for engagement.

In the digital space, this means optimizing media investments across a multitude of platforms, channels and devices.
One aspect of this is staying close to consumer trends and recognizing opportunities to keep their clients ahead of their competitors. The benefits of this are less cluttered environments, and often new ways to tell a brand’s story that shifts consumer perceptions.
For media planners, the difference between hype and reality is crucial; campaigns and return on investment depend on it.
Which platforms are here to stay, getting real and growing traction in the marketplace? And which are just fads, too small to warrant focus?

“Especially when it comes to digital, we need to know when to jump and when it’s still too early to adopt new technologies.”


Rikkert Van Loo, Brands & Insight Manager at Zenith Optimedia Belgium 

The action

Getting market-specific insight with global consistency.

“We didn’t really have any reliable data before", says Rikkert. "Now we can advise our clients on whether or not to invest in mobile apps or if they have to start thinking about using Snapchat, for example.”

GWI data takes an in-depth look at social media usage/engagement across a wide variety of audiences and demographics.

In addition to running custom audience profiling queries, Rikkert says the team look to pre-packaged reports to keep up to date with the latest developments.

Before getting access to GWI, the Belgian office was also using a mix of available tools to piece together the profiles, perceptions and behaviors of its clients’ target audiences.

This brought about its challenges, with the agency struggling to find “single-source data that is published frequently, provides insights on digital behaviors, and is comparable across countries”.

As an agency dealing with international clients, having consistency across countries as well as the granularity for local market planning is paramount.

The team analyze key aspects of the GWI data set on the daily, like social media, commerce and marketing touchpoints, to make sure they’re up to speed on the behaviors of the target audiences in their market, and how that might contrast with the same segments in other countries.

In this way, the team has a strong understanding of how global communications and media plans need to be tailored to fit local needs.

The result

Driving revenue with better data.

In addition to servicing the needs of existing clients, Rikkert explains how the data is used to drive revenue for the agency.

Using GWI insight, the agency has won several key clients, including a major public transport operator in Belgium.

“We advised the client to use mobile as their central point of communication – using data on mobile and social networking – which ultimately helped us win the pitch", says Rikkert.

  • Won new business with unique insight they couldn't find elsewhere. 
  • Created opportunities for increased engagement.
  • Improved efficiency with a single-sourced data solution.

Overall, he points to the evolving nature of the data set and platform that helps keep them informed on the behaviors of their target audiences:

“I’m very happy with the research which is constantly developing to keep us up-to-date with the latest developments in digital media."

“GWI provides essential data that no one else can offer in a platform that's so easy to use.”



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